1. Tries to make beautiful again, whole in all its parts, a damaged ceramic, respecting the integrity of the original. Does not grind off handles, bases, rims or spouts, altering  the original form, shape or purpose.

2. Does not make controversial decisions or perform irreversible actions without consulting the owner.

3. Does not make appraisals on items brought to them when the appraisal value of the item is the deciding factor on having it restored. “Is it worth it?”

4. Informs the owner of his reasonable expectations and how to care for restorations, making no false promises explicit or implied, of invisibility or durability.

5. Is informed of modern technology, test and uses quality materials that are durable but reversible. This means use of good adhesives, rejection of fast adhesives and fugitive pigments.

6. Tries to model or cast replacement parts as authentic as possible and appropriate to the original.

7. Does not touch up or repaint normal signs of age/ware.

8. Does not subject china given into their care to further damage by grinding, misalignment to fit, throwing out leftover shards, carelessly abrading, or exposing to household bleach.

9. Does not try to conceal failures in bonding, fill or color matching with gross over painting of good porcelain.

10. Refuses work they know themselves incapable of doing well or to the satisfaction of the owner.

11. Does not knowingly cooperate in schemes to misrepresent, to deceive the next buyer. This means refusing to work for persons known to pass on restoration as perfect.

12. Above all else, respects the objects and its original purpose.